10 Actors Tricked Into Doing Famous Movie Scenes

1. Basic Instinct - Sharon Stone Hands Over Underpants After Being Told We Wouldn't See Anything

Basic Instinct
TriStar Pictures

Every now and again a single solitary movie moment can go on to become more famous and recognisable than the actual film it originates from. That can definitely be said of the sequence involving Sharon Stone's Catherine Tramell un-crossing and re-crossing her legs in order to taunt those interrogating her during a scene in Basic Instinct.

Yet, Stone clearly wasn't aware that this specific moment would eventually follow her around for the rest of her career. As Stone later recalled, she had no reason not to believe director Paul Verhoeven when he told her "we won't see anything" after requesting the star to give him her underwear. His reasoning being that the character would likely be going commando in this moment. So, she did, and her life was soon changed forever.

While there's no doubting that her performance in Basic Instinct, alongside this well-known moment, helped turn Stone into a household name, the deception behind the making of this particular sequence clearly irked Stone. So much so that the actor reportedly slapped the director soon after seeing it unfold on the big screen for the first time.

Despite this, she still claims it was perfect for the movie, but felt Verhoeven should have at least ran the shot by Stone before putting it in the finished cut.

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