10 Actors Who Almost Died Because Of Intense Method Acting

Taking method to a whole new level.

Rocky Drago

There are no specific terms in which to define "method acting," though it's often considered by most to be a process that an actor uses to become more like their character. Generally speaking, audiences tend to associate the act of method acting with an actor going to extreme and often insane lengths to get into character; it could be via use of extensive make-up, through staying in character for months, or insisting on being injured for real.

As a concept, method acting tends to polarise opinion. Whereas some believe it to be a necessary part of what it means to be a "proper actor," others are quick to write it off as a load of old hokum - an attempt by some to portray the craft of acting in a way that makes it look far more difficult and strenuous than it is in reality. Some of the best actors of all-time are method actings, of course. Then again: some of the best actors of all-time aren't. It all seems to depend on the individual.

Some actors need to go to the ends of the Earth - physically, mentally and intellectually - in order to deliver their finest work; if you're Daniel Day-Lewis, that pretty much means that every time you agree to a role it's going to get a tad crazy. In most cases though, method acting doesn't lead to anything sinister. But sometimes it does. Sometimes "getting into character" can equate to "almost getting killed."

Here are 10 instances of method acting that took the actors who went to such lengths to nail certain roles that they very nearly ended up dead...


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