10 Actors Who Apologised For Their Behaviour In Major Movies

Don't annoy Christian Bale, or he will crush you.

christian bale terminator salvation

With 24/7 creative pressures, punishingly tight deadlines and the stress of long-distance travel, working on a movie can be a tough time for everyone involved.

It's basically like chucking hundreds of random people into a gladiator pit and giving them two hours to build a human pyramid as their only means of escape, or else they'll be fed to the lions - temperatures will rise, spirits will deflate, and the behaviour of certain individuals (especially, for some reason, the actors) may get out of hand.

It's something we can all relate to, in a way, because where there's a group of people, there's normally a bit of friction. Work, school, family life - we've all been there, and while these environments are hardly comparable to a bustling film set, things can get ugly when people are forced to co-exist for extended periods of time.

Fortunately, these actors later apologised for their poor on-set conduct, eating a load of humble pie and acknowledging that they really could've been a bit nicer to the cast and crew, sometimes even years after the incident in question. How sweet.

10. Pierce Brosnan (Tomorrow Never Dies)

christian bale terminator salvation

Even though they were onscreen lovers, Pierce Brosnan and Teri Hatcher didn't get along too well behind the camera while filming 1997's Tomorrow Never Dies.

The two actors would constantly argue and bicker, so it's actually really impressive that they managed to make their romance look so convincing. In the past, Brosnan has said that "I got very upset with her - she was always keeping me waiting for hours", because Hatcher would frequently turn up late to set and delay the start of shooting.

Naturally, this frustrated Brosnan, and he made his feelings known. But later on, the truth of the situation came out: Hatcher's reason for being late was that she was suffering from morning sickness, due to being pregnant. Because of this, Brosnan later apologised, stating that he "let slip a few words which weren't very nice."

It was good of him to admit that, sure, but why the hell did nobody tell him that his co-star was pregnant, and thus might be late to set on certain occasions?


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