10 Actors Who Appeared In Movies By Trickery

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Paul Walker Fast And Furious
Universal Pictures

Cinema is all about the art of illusion, of transporting audiences to new frontiers where they can escape their daily lives and soak in the spectacle.

But sometimes the wilful manipulation extends beyond the expected into that which is not only ambitious but also ethically questionable.

These 10 movies all featured actors who, for one reason or another, were implied to have filmed a much larger role than they actually did, either thanks to smart editing or shrewd use of visual effects (or both).

These practises have certainly become more commonplace in recent years, especially with the ability of CGI technology to semi-convincingly replicate a dead actor. Or if a production is lucky enough, they can simply re-purpose unused footage from prior entries in the franchise.

But thankfully not all of these feats of cinematic chicanery are the result of an actor's death - sometimes there's a pregnancy involved, sometimes the actor isn't interested in reprising their role fully, and sometimes they'd rather have a body double do most of the tough stuff for them.

Whether they fully convinced audiences or not, and no matter which side of taste they landed on, these 10 movies all executed some devilish feats to try and sell an actor's exaggerated presence...


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