10 Actors Who Are Actually Brilliant Musicians

Ten great actors who could have ended up as major rock stars.


It used to be a common thing for musicians to want to break into the movies, even way back to Frank Sinatra in the 40s and Elvis in the 50s. These days it seems like plenty of actors want to break into the music business. Given their connections and star power, they've already got the foot in the metaphorical door - problem is most haven't got the talent to back it up.

There is another major problems for actors trying to muscle in on the world of rock'n'roll - credibility. Rock fans take their music very seriously - it's hard enough for an established artist to genre-hop, let alone for an actor to try to convince us that music was always their first love, man.

There are notable exceptions, though, and the list below contains ten prime examples where music really was their first love.

It is still noteworthy that even this list of Hollywood superstars has rarely been able to bother the charts with hit albums or singles. They have all worked consistently, however, gigging whenever they can between commitments and making some pretty decent records to boot. Given their immense success in the world of film and TV, you suspect they aren't hurting too much at being unable to work the magic twice.


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