10 Actors Who Are Completely Unrecognisable For Upcoming Movies

Colin Farrell disappears into The Penguin.

Warner Bros.

If Hollywood continues to proves one thing, it's that audiences absolutely love seeing actors transform themselves beyond the point of recognition.

And given the copious awards attention it often invites, actors clearly love doing it too, not to ignore the fact that it also allows them to descend deeper into their character in a more overt, physical way.

As Charlize Theron has proven in both Monster and Bombshell, Heath Ledger powerfully demonstrated in The Dark Knight, and Tom Cruise made hilariously clear in Tropic Thunder, an incredible makeup job can combine with a spellbending performance to let an actor more-or-less disappear from the screen entirely.

And the tradition is set to continue in these 10 upcoming films, which will see actors don elaborate disguises and undergo brain-breakingly convincing makeup jobs to look as far away from themselves as humanly possible.

No matter how these movies turn out on the whole, there's little denying the impressive, perhaps scarcely believable effort made to transform these name actors into something completely unrecognisable.

Needless to say, several of these movies have already carved out a place for themselves on the Makeup & Hairstyling Oscar shortlist...


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