10 Actors Who Could Play The Mad Hatter In Matt Reeves' The Batman

10. Brendan Gleeson

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We are starting strong with the very talented and well-respected actor Brendan Gleeson. Gleeson has proved many times across his expansive career that he is more than capable of producing performances that are truthful and charismatic in large scale productions and smaller ones respectively.

In regards to the Mad Hatter, we have seen Gleeson take on more manic roles before with his turn in the Harry Potter franchise as Mad-Eye Moody. This erratic yet believable behaviour would mould well not only with the character but with the clear objectives of what the film appears to be aiming to generate.

With his wealth of experience, Gleeson has established a respectable image and could help to continue to strengthen the credibility of the performers involved in the franchise. If Matt continues to want to cast people with good profile than Gleeson treads the line of fame wonderfully.

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