10 Actors Who Destroyed Their Bodies To Bring Characters To Life

Who knew drastically putting on a ton of weight could have serious consequences down the road?

Warner Bros.

Contrary to what some might think, acting isn't what you'd call a cushy profession. Far from it.

Sure, once you reach the top of the mountain there's a good chance you'll be invited to a ton of fancy awards dinners and get paid a ridiculous amount of money to pretend to be another individual. However, that doesn't necessarily mean the land of make believe is all sunshine and rainbows.

Often an actor is required to physically alter their body in order to truthfully portray another being in a feature, or there character is involved in a certain heart-stopping stunt. Both of which can be potentially life threatening if not executed carefully.

But, surely that's what prosthetics and stunt people are for, right?

Well, this lot clearly felt their bodies were up to the job and they all unfortunately paid the price for wanting to bring the 'real thing' to the screen.

Extreme dieting, unfortunate landings mid-scene and even just plain old nutty method acting have all left these 10 actors' bodies looking worse for wear in the aftermath. But, at least all their hard work resulted in some truly compelling characters...for the most part.


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