10 Actors Who Drew Critical Acclaim In Awful Movies

9. Kristen Stewart As Phoebe Larson – American Ultra

American Ultra was released in 2015 to an amount of hype far beyond the movie's worth.

A mostly uninteresting action-comedy which proved to us once again (as if it wasn't already clear by then) that Jesse Eisenberg really wasn't destined to become Hollywood's next big thing, it tells the story of a young stoner who is in fact the only survivor of a secret mind control program in which he was trained to be a highly efficient killer.

Treading over some fairly well-trodden ground, it felt as though American Ultra was simply a movie made for bored conspiracy theorists, and while Eisenberg gave the leading role a fair try, he just wasn't particularly interesting, in spite of his classified I'm-a-human-weapon backstory.

Strangely, one of the best aspects of the entire movie is Kristen Stewart's performance as main character Mike's girlfriend and handler Phoebe.

Although known for her flat and emotionless portrayal of Bella Swan in the Twilight saga, Stewart is easily the saving grace of American Ultra, and any chemistry that the movie has seems to come directly from her performance.


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