10 Actors Who Felt Totally Out Of Place In Famous Movies

Star Wars Do you ever find yourself sitting down to a movie when - all of a sudden- you're frowning at the screen, feeling strangely uneasy about a certain actor you recognise as they step into frame? It's not that they're bad exactly, it just feels like they're in the wrong movie entirely, perhaps, or don't feel natural to the world that the writer and director have set up. Yes, this phenomenon can happen occasionally, and when it does it can really pull you out the experience, leaving you wondering how or why a certain star got cast in a role that seemed so... unnatural. Sometimes this happens, of course, because a filmmaker had no choice but to cast an actor at the request of the studio heads who were paying for the movie, or perhaps what felt like an inspired casting decision at one point in the production process didn't come together quite so well during the shooting. However it happens, we've all encountered those at odds performances that come on behalf of actors who probably should never have been involved in certain movies in the first place... Here's 10 instances of actors who felt totally out of place alongside their cast-mates in some particularly well-known movies...

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