10 Actors Who Got Paid To Do Pretty Much Nothing

9. Sean Penn – The Angry Birds Movie

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There are some actors you can't envision lending their voice to a children's cartoon. Can you picture Daniel Day-Lewis in Minions? Or Clint Eastwood in The Emoji Movie? Because performers like this are renowned for serious dramas, you can't imagine them appearing in a kiddy property.

And because Sean Penn is a two-time Academy Award winner, best-known for his work in Dead Man Walking, Milk, and Mystic River, no one could believe it when he was cast in The Angry Birds Movie.

Why him? Was his casting a joke?

And the answer is - Kind of. The film's executive producer, David Maisel, has been friends with Penn for years, and thought it would be funny to cast him in the role of the grumpy bird, Terence.

As ridiculous as this sounds, Penn's casting could work. He may not be known for comedy but Penn's so talented, he's sure to bring out a few laughs if given the right material.

But here's the problem. His character doesn't speak. Throughout the entire movie, Terence communicates through grunting.

Penn's casting is so non-sensical, he admitted he didn't understand why Maisel wanted him for the role, and it took a 30-minute pitch before he was onboard.


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