10 Actors Who Got SERIOUSLY Ripped To Play Superheroes

Bale got JACKED.

Christian Bale The Machinist Batman Begins
Warner Bros. & Filmax

When you think of a superhero, what's the first thing you picture? A cape? A mask? And muscles, of course. Conventionally, most of cinema's best-loved superheroes are marvels (pun intended) of physical perfection, requiring actors to spend months crafting their bodies into faultless temples where alcohol and burgers have no business residing.

It's easy to sniff at the "hard work" these actors put in by being paid to work with professional personal trainers for months ahead of a movie shoot, but maintaining a superhero physique is nevertheless literally a full-time job itself.

Though there's always going to be speculation about whether these actors got a little "performance enhancement" to help them along, there's no arguing with how stunningly shredded and straight-up jacked they all looked.

From puny and pudgy actors alike to ultra-committed thesps going full method, these 10 performers sure didn't take it easy when preparing to play superheroes on screen, and the results paid off shockingly, splendidly well...


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