10 Actors Who Had Too Much Creative Control

"Collaboration? Pfft, not on my watch."

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Working on a film set is undoubtedly hard, especially for those who have creative control. People are constantly trying to get their vision on screen and are forced to compete with meddling studios who want to exercise their own form of creative control - often times seeing profit over artistic integrity.

However, sometimes it is not just helicopter studios that directors have to deal with, in some instances, actors exercise their own form of creative control, for better or worse. While in some instances these actors can offer a new avenue for the film to fully form, allowing the director to see things from a different perspective and offering their unique take on the material.

In other, much worse times, these actors can overstep their mark and derail a production, influencing the wrong areas. What should be a collaborative effort descends into a bout between two creative voices that are both trying desperately to shout the other down.

10. Vin Diesel, The Rock, And Jason Statham In The Fast And Furious Franchise


Okay this one is slightly cheating, however all three actors demand the same thing from the same franchise, so including them altogether seemed fitting. The three men have been in the Fast and Furious franchise for some time now, but it's only recently came to light that the three men have some bizarre contracts binding them during production.

During the press tour of the spin-off Hobbs and Shaw, it was revealed that the actors have contracts that dictate how much punishment they can take on screen. In essence, this means that all three of the men have to take an equal amount of hits, and one man can't seem like a clear winner in a bout.

This truly odd contract forces the writers and directors of these films to work their story around how many times each actor gets punched in the face. The Rock put the contracts down to the men being 'alphas'.


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