10 Actors Who Hated Scenes From Their Own Movies

Marion Cotillard hates THAT death scene as much as you do.

The Dark Knight Rises Marion Cotillard
Warner Bros.

There are plenty of actors who have been candid about loathing entire movies they appeared in, either taking a shameless paycheck role with no regrets, or simply being intensely disappointed that a part didn't turn out how they hoped.

But sometimes things aren't quite so black-and-white, and as much as a performer might have enjoyed working on a movie, not all scenes are created and executed equal.

Following the release of each of these movies, a major cast member couldn't help but speak up about a single scene which left a sour taste in their mouths, typically more a result of how it turned out in the edit rather than anything that happened on-set.

From story and character beats the actor wasn't totally convinced by, to scenes they've re-watched years later and grown to hate, and moments that weren't even supposed to be in the original version of the movie, these 10 actors held little back when expressing their disdain and disappointment at how these sequences turned out...

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