10 Actors Who Hated Their Own Movie Death Scenes

9. Jamie Kennedy - Scream 2

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The Scream franchise's fan favourite movie geek Randy Meeks (Jamie Kennedy) meets his unfortunate, brutal demise mid-way through the second movie, a fate which bummed out not only fans but also actor Kennedy himself.

In a recent interview, Kennedy said that as much as he enjoyed working on Scream 2, he wasn't too fond of Randy's gory death:

"I love some of my monologues in [Scream 2], I love that Randy got to do a lot. But I hated that he died. It also made a huge impact. So even though I hate it, somebody had to die, it made it talked about that I did."

Thankfully Kennedy got something of a consolation prize as he was able to make a beyond-the-grave appearance in Scream 3, where Randy pre-recorded a videotape warning Sidney (Neve Campbell) and co. that anyone could die this time.

While it seems unlikely, don't be totally shocked if Kennedy somehow reappears in the upcoming fifth film.


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