10 Actors Who HATED Their Performances In Awesome Movies

Gary Oldman is NOT proud of his work in the Harry Potter movies.

Sirius Black Gary Oldman
Warner Bros.

You've no doubt heard of many an actor slamming their part in some of the worst flicks ever to land in a movie theatre over the years.

But even when some of the finest thespians on planet earth end up appearing in critically acclaimed or unexpectedly thrilling pictures, that doesn't necessarily guarantee said performers will be proud of the work they produced in the finished article.

Whether they just weren't a fan of their character and therefore likely didn't exactly adore their performance, felt they simply didn't do everything they could to properly nail a turn, or just despised their attempts at singing or delivering an authentic sounding accent, these actors would all probably - and often quite surprisingly - like another crack at some already quite awesome movies.

You may completely disagree, and class each and every one of these performances as vital elements that helped make the movies in question the captivating, jaw-dropping, or memorable treats they are.

However, if some of these stars had it their way, they'd turn back the clock and do everything they can to improve what they rate as a pretty terrible or bang average piece of work.

10. Daniel Radcliffe Didn't Think He Was Very Good In It - Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince

Sirius Black Gary Oldman
Warner Bros.

Cast as the lead in what would become one of the biggest franchises in movie history at a seriously young age, Daniel Radcliffe not only grew up in front of fans' eyes, but he also noticeably evolved as a thespian throughout the Harry Potter series, too.

The leading man himself definitely felt he was improving during each and every performance as the titular 'Boy Who Lived', right up until Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Radcliffe has gone on record to state that not only does he feel he wasn't all that great in it, he bloody hates his "one-note" work in that sixth Potter flick (via Daily Mail).

Claiming he just got a bit complacent and what he was attempting to do with the performance just didn't come through in the end product, the fact the actor was coming off what he classed as his "best film" in The Order of the Phoenix likely made what he saw as a "lack of growth" in the follow-up that bit more noticeable for him (via Playboy/UNILAD).

Half-Blood Prince still managed to score an impressive 84% Rotten Tomatoes score, though, brought in nearly a billion dollars, and earned the ever-growing lead a few decent reviews.

So, maybe it wasn't all quite as dreadful as it seemed, Danny boy.

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