10 Actors Who Instantly Regretted Movie Roles

These actors quickly realised they'd made a big mistake with these movie roles...

Tom Hanks Elvis Inferno
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It's not exactly uncommon to hear of a thespian going on record to confess their eventual regret over agreeing to sign on the dotted line to appear in a feature that ultimately underperforms either critically or commercially (or both!) after finally taking in the lacklustre finished article.

After all, to expect a prolific actor to get through the entirety of their careers without being at the centre of at least a few regrettable duds would be a bit unrealistic.

But in the case of the following names who would no doubt like to turn back the clock and do things a little differently if offered the chance, it wasn't simply a case of realising the error of their ways some time after the dust had settled on a weak or uninspired big screen performance. This lot could see the writing on the wall from almost the second they said "yes" to appearing in the project in question, but it was still too late to back out of the p*ss-poor party.

From sensing that a film outright "sucked" out of the gates, to quite simply not wanting anything to do with a project before eventually being forced to play ball, this bunch of stars could sense they'd made a grave mistake as soon as the ink had dried.

10. Halle Berry's Best Intentions Quickly Unravel - The Rich Man's Wife

Tom Hanks Elvis Inferno
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Boasting an Academy Award for Best Actress for her work in 2001's Monster's Ball, Halle Berry has definitely proven she can hang with the very best when given the right material to play with in front of a movie camera.

However, said material was nowhere to be seen heading into 1996's The Rich Man's Wife, with Berry eventually noting on an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden that, "I kind of knew it wasn't going to be the greatest cinematic experience for the people," whilst shooting on the ill-fated thriller.

Going further, Berry would also confess during the game of Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts:

"You go into these movies always with the best intention. But then sometimes you get on the set and then you realize 'What was I high when I agreed to do this?'"

And while Berry still at least managed to get away without a Razzie for her appearance in the largely derided entry, with the same unfortunately not being said for her work on 2004's Catwoman, her "best intentions" weren't enough to save this dud from a critical drubbing.


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