10 Actors Who Just Disappeared From Movies

We all thought Ana de Armas was coming back in No Time to Die, right?

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It's a pretty basic expectation from audiences that if we're introduced to a movie character by name, and the film makes it clear we're supposed to keep track of this character, then we expect some sort of resolution to their arc. This goes double if they're played by a name actor.

Their exit doesn't have to be big or dramatic, but the last time we see an actor in a movie, it should feel somewhat organic. Yet sometimes, they just up and dip out of the story in bizarrely low-key fashion.

That's certainly the case with these 10 performers, all of whom quietly slunk out of films despite our expectation that we'd almost certainly see them again.

In some examples they were even marketed as having major roles, yet without having their character killed off or being obviously written out, these actors all chipped off and never returned.

While in some movies we can infer what happened, in others the character's fate was left frustratingly up in the air, the actor making a French exit so slyly you probably didn't notice until much later in the film...

10. Jon Bernthal - Baby Driver

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Jon Bernthal was given major prominence in the marketing for Edgar Wright's Baby Driver, so what a surprise it was when he straight-up ducked out of the movie at the mere 12-minute mark.

Bernthal's thug Griff only sticks around for the dizzying introductory heist sequence, after which he exits the elevator with the crew and tells them, "If you don't see me again, it's 'cuz I'm dead." And like that, he's gone.

While this is clearly parodying a very similar line spoken in Wright's Shaun of the Dead ("Next time I see him, he's dead"), it's also highly plausible that Griff was in fact foreshadowing his own demise.

Many fans have since come to believe that he was killed off by a member of the heist crew, most likely the psychotic Buddy (Jon Hamm).

Either way, despite getting high billing among the cast, he's out of the movie before it's even really gotten started.


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