10 Actors Who Learned To Play Instruments For Their Roles

Going the extra mile to make their productions more authentic...

Paramount Vantage

Acting in a movie is challenging enough. Doing something extra is even harder. As any musician will tell you, learning an instrument takes years of dedicated practice, doubly so if you wish to rank among the elite. When it comes to the filmmaking business however, moments with performed music only take up a small portion of screen-time.

Despite this, actors are often still expected to take things a step further. Learning and performing in front of the camera can take up a solid portion of the production time; performers in the industry are often put through rigorous practice regimes to get them prepped for just one sequence.

As you'll see in this list, it certainly became long and tedious for some. Yet when you see the final results on scene, it makes a colossal impact on the viewer. By enhancing the authenticity in the moment, we become much more invested in the story of characters. It's certainly a must in musicals, which live and die on the quality of their audio components.

Here are ten actors who took the time to learn an instrument for their performance.


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