10 Actors Who Legitimately Hurt Their Co-Stars On Movie Sets

It's apparently quite difficult to film a movie about boxing without hurting each other.

Creed v Conlan
Warner Bros.

Acting can be a highly physical job and like any other occupation which requires a more hands on approach, this can sometimes lead to people getting genuinely hurt in the heat of the moment.

Yet, not every injury which goes down on a movie set involves an actor simply messing up a pre-planned stunt or smashing their body into a mirror/window during a highly emotional scene. Sometimes these unfortunate injuries are actually caused by the very folks a thespian is sharing a scene with. Charming.

Of course, fight scenes often involve two actors throwing themselves around a space, so there's always a chance someone will mistime a punch and accidentally catch the other person in the face. But, there have also been times when a performer has legitimately hurt their co-star during something as simple as a PG-13 strip tease. Which isn't exactly what you'd class as expected.

Without a doubt, it's always important to give your all during every scene you're part of in the making of a feature, but perhaps this bunch of heavy-handed souls should have dialled back on the intensity ever so slightly.

It's only a movie, right?

10. Bruce Lee Hits Jackie Chan With A Stick - Enter The Dragon

Creed v Conlan
Warner Bros.

Long before Jackie Chan was the legendary actor/stunt sensation we adore today, the young performer was brought in to work on the film Enter the Dragon (1973). You know, the one starring Bruce Lee!

Of course, Chan was only credited as 'Thug in Prison' in the feature on IMDb, but seeing as though he'd go on to become one of the biggest movie stars on the planet, we're classing him as Lee's co-star in this list.

The pair were involved in a particular scene which involved Lee swatting away opponents with a stick, but things got a little too real for young Chan at one point during the sequence. He recalled Lee accidentally smacking him in the head with the weapon and instantly seeing black. Yet, Lee refused to break character until the director called 'CUT!'

After this, Lee sprinted over to the performer to see if he was OK. Chan then responded by pretending to be seriously hurt just so he could continue being acknowledged by the famous martial artist for the rest of the day.

Some people are lucky enough to meet their heroes. Others get the honour of being whacked in the face by them with a stick.


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