10 Actors Who Might Save Upcoming Movies

9. Kenneth Branagh - Death On The Nile

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While few are expecting the upcoming adaptation of Agatha Christie's Death on the Nile to be a terrible movie, it does face an uphill struggle doing much business given the front-and-center presence of disgraced star Armie Hammer.

Though the mystery thriller was originally delayed due to the pandemic, it received a further push to February 2022, shortly after allegations of sexual abuse were levelled against the actor.

And as the film's trailers make clear, Hammer plays one of the film's most focal characters, making it nigh-on impossible for his role to be recast without incurring massive reshoot fees, especially with such a large ensemble cast involved.

But just as director-star Kenneth Branagh's hammy Hercule Poirot was the easy highlight of 2017's Murder on the Orient Express, he could help steal the limelight away from Hammer here.

Given the film's huge delay, it's entirely possible Branagh has gone back into the editing room to downplay Hammer's role as much as possible while beefing up his own and even other actors'.

Considering that Poirot is the statuesque figurehead of the franchise, Branagh has the strongest chance of managing to deflect attention away from his problematic co-star.


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