10 Actors Who Must Regret Turning Down Major Film Roles

This lot are still be kicking themselves today.

Although famous actors can be overly precious, vain, egotistical souls, earning vast amounts of money that most of us won't accumulate in an entire lifetime, their job can also be incredibly stressful. One poor choice over a movie role can effectively end their career. Once they have hit the big time, scripts come their way left, right and centre, and they often have to make a bold decision on whether or not to take a role. This can often prove to be either a masterstroke or a disaster. Over the years, there have been some much-publicised rejecting of big roles by huge names, and those decisions have most certainly come back to haunt them. Most of them would be too proud to admit they made a potentially career-changing error, but the success of the movies that they opted out of would prove otherwise. Some of these stars were struggling at the time, others were at the peak of their powers, while some totally missed the chance to become megastars. This list looks at why they said no, how well the film then did and how it affected their careers afterwards. It's all very subjective, but there are some beauties in there.

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