10 Actors Who Need To Go Away For A While

Dwayne Johnson fatigue is real.

Skyscraper Dwayne Johnson

Hollywood is a tough racket, and there are many good reasons why 99% of actors spend their entire careers struggling to get their big break. Those precious few manage to smash the glass ceiling and enjoy busy, successful careers, but even then, when does it become too much for audiences to bear?

These 10 actors have ultimately ended up over-saturating audiences with their rate of output, and by starring in a streak of over-familiar studio movies - many of them terrible, it has to be said - even their ardent fans might be starting to lose interest.

While not all actors can boast the mind-boggling versatility of, say, Gary Oldman, it's nevertheless infuriating to see talented performers take a lazy career route and just hope that audiences will continue to show up.

Though most of these actors could certainly enjoy a Matthew McConaughey-style resurgence in the coming years, they first need to break their repetitive work-cycles, take a little time off and give audiences the opportunity to actually miss them...


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