10 Actors Who Needed Doubles For Ridiculous Reasons

From petty squabbles to "confusingly large" genitals.

The business of filmmaking is complicated and challenging at the best of times, yet at others it's potentially dangerous and even degrading.

This is precisely why stunt and body doubles exist, to prevent actors from suffering the risk of serious injury or feeling pressured to expose more of their skin than they'd like.

But beyond the obvious reasons, actors will sometimes employ the services of a double for highly unexpected reasons, be it to perform a speciality task they're unable to, to give the director a slightly different take of a scene, or even to boost their own ego.

In the case of these actors, each used a double for a rather peculiar or surprising reason.

It wasn't always their fault, and in many cases the absurdity makes a perverse amount of sense, but each nevertheless serves as a testament to the amount of unseen work that goes into even the simplest movie scene.

Yet while many artificial aspects of filmmaking often draw attention to themselves, you have to give most of these films credit - the use of doubles are pretty damn seamless. Again mostly, because that's not really the case with our first entry...


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