10 Actors Who ONLY Star In The Worst Movies

These talented actors are totally wasting their skills on low-effort fare.

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There's no doubt about it that Hollywood is a relentlessly unforgiving industry, where fame and success can arrive on a dime as a result of luck more than anything else, and evaporate just as suddenly.

So much goes into making a good movie that it's little surprise that most actors' filmographies have at least a few critical misfires, because you need more than a little luck on your side - and some solid judgment - to get a hot-streak going.

Then there are actors who go the other way entirely, starring in a string of ill-received films, which if it continues long enough can irreparably taint the actor's standing in the industry.

These 10 actors, most of them talented in their own right and many of them even major award winners, have nevertheless been suffering through a brutal losing streak where reviews - if not also box office - is concerned.

While in some cases it's clear the actors are just taking easy paychecks left and right, it's nevertheless depressing that they're not lending their skills to worthier projects.

All it takes is one role to start a comeback, but you probably shouldn't get your hopes up for this lot...


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