10 Actors Who Quit Movies Because Of Other Actors

9. Ewan McGregor Quit Because Christian Bale Asked Him To - American Psycho

Bale Ewan Psycho 2
Warner Bros.

As difficult as it is to imagine anyone but Christian Bale playing the part of American Psycho's Patrick Bateman, Bale really had to fight tooth-and-nail to win the role, fending off a number of more well-known, on-the-rise actors.

Though Bale was initially cast by director Mary Harron years before shooting started, Lionsgate was doggedly pursuing the more-famous Leonardo DiCaprio to play Bateman.

When DiCaprio eventually left to make Danny Boyle's thriller The Beach instead, Lionsgate offered the lead to Ewan McGregor, who soon thereafter received a phone call from Bale himself.

With McGregor and Bale being old friends, Bale asked him to turn down the role, effectively clearing the path for him to take it unchallenged. In Bale's own words:

"I phoned a few people and let them know my commitment, let me tell you! I called them all and told them it was my role. Don't touch. Step away. Or if you're not going to step away, understand what you're up against."

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