10 Actors Who Really Did It In Movies

Now that’s what you call dedication to your craft.

Shortbus Sex Scene

The vast majority of sex scenes we see in mainstream cinema are the product of strategic camera angling, flesh coloured undies and crafty editing however real they may seem. Even classic horror Don’t Look Now’s infamous sex scene between stars Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie, which was convincing to cause quite a controversy after its 1973 release was indeed simulated.

Well, at least that’s Donald Sutherland’s line and he’s sticking to it.

But some actors out there are willing to go the extra mile, as it were, and actually do the deed for real on screen. The movies tend to be ‘arthouse’, are often European (unsurprisingly) and quite literally straddle the line between mainstream film and pornography.

These films aren’t just porn though and while it’s true the actors here do indulge in bona-fide sex, there’s more to these movies than just sex. Like an actual plot, for example, and not just a loose plot about a pizza delivery guy and not having enough money to pay for your 14” meat feast.

So, while you won’t see any dodgy porno plots in these films, you will see some pretty graphic unsimulated sex including but by no means limited to bathtub footjobs, autofellatio and a hard-boiled egg being inserted where a hard-boiled egg should never be inserted.

You have been warned.

10. Nymphomaniac – Body Doubles

Shortbus Sex Scene
Artificial Eye

A typically controversial effort from Danish director Lars von Trier, two-part art film Nymphomaniac starred Charlotte Gainsbourg as a sex addict who recounts her sexual experiences over the years with co-stars including Shia LaBeouf, Jamie Bell and Hugo Speer. While it’s by no means a jolly film – it’s the third and final instalment in von Trier’s Depression trilogy, which says a lot – it certainly lives up to its title.

There is a catch with Nymphomaniac though. Although the sex we see is indeed unstimulated, it’s not actually performed by the movie’s main stars but by porn actors acting as body doubles which was then digitally imposed into the scene. So, no you do not get to see Shia LaBeouf’s penis. Sorry to disappoint.

Anyone familiar with von Trier’s oeuvre shouldn’t be too surprised though. He pulled the same ‘swapping star genitals for body double genitals’ shtick in both The Idiots (1998) and Antichrist (2009).

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