10 Actors Who Refused To Play Themselves On Screen

Robert Pattinson HATES using his real accent.

Warner Bros.

One of the most common criticisms you'll hear about certain actors is that they basically just "play themselves," with the likes of Adam Sandler, Michael Cera, Seth Rogen, and even the great Jack Nicholson often criticised for repeatedly playing characters who appear incredibly similar to their own public personas.

The assumption, then, is that these actors are effectively bringing a lot of their actual selves into their roles, whether out of laziness or because it's just an established brand that works.

But there are also actors who prefer to go the other way entirely, imbuing as little of themselves as possible in their performances and instead preferring to create a character thoroughly divorced from who they really are.

These 10 actors all took roles which could've potentially reflected their public image right back at them and changed things up, all in the hope that audiences would see more than the actor just playing a riff on themselves.

In one especially extreme example it even resulted in the actor getting fired from the gig altogether.

But if nothing else, you can appreciate these performers not wanting to merely rest on their laurels, getting outside of themselves in order to get into character...


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