10 Actors Who Scared Themselves

3. Jamie Foxx Had Panic Attacks On Set After Glueing His Eyes Shut - Ray

Face Off

In the case of Jamie Foxx playing Ray Charles - a role for which he won a Best Actor Oscar - it wasn't so much that Foxx had trouble remembering where he ended and Charles began, but an aspect of the physical transformation which proved massively triggering for him.

In addition to losing 30 pounds, Foxx agreed to director Taylor Hackford's suggestion to have prosthetic eyelids glued over the top of his real eyelids, effectively rendering him blind for each day's shoot.

Perhaps not having fully thought through what he agreed to, Foxx ended up suffering from panic attacks for the first two weeks of filming as he struggled to acclimate to the claustrophobia of having no sight.

Foxx said of the experience, "Imagine having your eyes glued shut for 14 hours a day. That's your jail sentence." To make matter worse, crew members would often forget that he couldn't see and leave him alone, at lunch for example, without any way for him to return to set on his own.

At least you got an Oscar out of it, eh Jamie?


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