10 Actors Who Should Play Spider-Man In Avengers: Infinity War

10. Andrew Garfield

If Sony and Marvel do manage to strike a deal that would see Spider-Man join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, then its almost a foregone conclusion that the title role would need to be recast. Which is a real shame; although there were a huge number of problems that plagued both Amazing Spider-Man movies, Andrew Garfield definitely wasn't one of them. A huge fan of the character since childhood, Garfield has even admitted to shedding a few tears after trying on the costume for the first time. While the rebooted franchise has been underwhelming to say the least, Garfield has been excellent in both movies; his chemistry with Emma Stone provides the heart of the story, and he has proven to be just as adept at playing the socially-awkward Peter Parker as the wisecracking wall-crawler. After going on record to admit that studio interference played a part in the outcome of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Sony's mishandling of the franchise could see the 31 year-old unceremoniously dumped from what should have been a career-making opportunity.

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