10 Actors Who Took Method Acting Too Far

Cage ate a cockroach, Pattinson played with himself, and Jared Leto... Was Jared Leto.

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We’ve all heard the stories - whether it’s screen legend Daniel Day Lewis spending months in character as Abraham Lincoln for beloved director Stephen Spielberg’s Lincoln, or at-best-inconsistent talent Jared Leto drinking olive oil to pack on the pounds and play John Lennon assassin Mark Chapman in the forgotten flop Chapter 27, actors put themselves through all manner of hell for a wide variety of roles.

Method acting as a process asks a lot of its devotees, not least the ability to stay in character long after the cameras have stopped rolling and they run the risk of being dubbed “w***y and pretentious”, as Outlaw King star Chris Pine once put it, by co-workers and crew alike.

Sometimes the process pays off big with performances lauded by critics, and sometimes merely committing to the bit isn’t enough to salvage a boring story or a sloppy screenplay and it’s all for naught. In any case, here are ten times that actors took their life in their hands - and in some cases, put the safety of those surrounding them in peril - via their insane commitment to method acting.


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