10 Actors Who Turned Down 2014’s Biggest Movies

2014 could have looked very different.

Casting the right person for the part in the movies is tricky, especially when said movies are intended to be big earners - it€™s on not just the people making the casting decision, but the actor choosing to take a risk on something that could either bomb or go supernova at the box office. For whatever reason, sometimes even the most savvy actors in Tinseltown bow out of future hits, only to watch a lucky other reap the rewards in a part that could€™ve been theirs. Of course it€™s an unpredictable playing field, the movie business, and sometimes actors choose passion projects over well-paid blockbusters, the chance to work with great directors or actors over the mere chance to bring themselves further exposure. And no performer can ever really say what will or won€™t be a good idea for their career or for their box office potential. As ever, a host of famous actors and actresses neglected to appear in a number of films that would go on to have a significant financial impact in 2014. It€™s the nature of the game unfortunately, and the same actors and actresses are likely to be hoping their decisions pay off much better in 2015.


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