10 Actors Who Visibly Hated These Movie Roles

"Just think of the money."

Cop Out Bruce Willis Tracey Morgan
Warner Bros. Pictures

It would be naive to think that actors can only take the roles they want to, because for 99% of all actors, they simply don't have that luxury - acting is still a job to pay the bills and maintain a lifestyle.

And while cinema is littered with actors who took crappy roles in terrible movies and just had some self-aware fun with it - think Jeremy Irons' scenery-devouring performance in Dungeons and Dragons - not everyone can find quite so much joy in a gig they consider "beneath" their talents.

But to be clear, we're not talking about actors who took roles only to turn around and immediately trash them in interviews, as with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in Twilight, but those who made their discomfort clear through the pained performance itself.

No matter their acting chops, these 10 performers just couldn't mask how bored, frustrated or annoyed they were to be appearing in these films, presumably questioning whether the payday was really worth it at all.

In some cases it tanks the entire movie outright by sucking all the joy out of it, while in others the film can just barely limp on in spite of their effortless, depressed work...


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