10 Actors Who Went Uncredited For Major Film Roles (And Why)

Major Hollywood filmmaking is a peculiar business.

Ocean's Eleven
Warner Bros.

Have you ever watched the credits rolling after a film and noticed a glaring omission? Did you wonder if it was some simple data entry oversight, that somebody just forgot to add an actor’s name among their costars? The reality is, there is always a story behind the choice not to feature an actor’s name in the credits. This doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes the decision is made to have an actor’s name removed from the film’s credits. The reasons for this range from loopholes to legal entanglements, to simply doing personal favors, but more often than not, just downright vanity.

Take all of these with a heaping of salt, as some of the more ambiguous ones do sound like PR spin for behind the scenes melodrama. Just one major caveat: this list is comprised of actors who had major roles in film; it does not cover uncredited cameos, such as Cate Blanchett’s appearance in Hot Fuzz, or Will Ferrell popping up in just about every other mainstream American comedy.

Seriously, does Will Ferrell just loiter around on film sets and refuse to leave until the director offers him a cameo?

What’s up, Will? You doing okay?

Let's start the list...


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