10 Actors Who Were Criminally Wasted In Famous Movies

These actors deserved so much more than they got in these famous movies.

Michelle Monaghan
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The movie industry can be a strange and cruel place at times for an actor.

Regardless of whether you are just starting out on this unpredictable path or have a life-time of film credits under your belt, there's really no telling how your work will be received or even if it will end up in a project altogether when the theatrical cut hits cinema screens.

A lot of the time, this is all completely out of a thespian's hands, meaning that even after putting in an admirable shift on set, throwing their body, mind, and soul into a role, there's no guarantee a director will use their talents to their full potential... or even use them at all in some cases.

Either due to a film's story being completely rejigged during reshoots, or just not giving an insanely skilled performer the right sort of platform to strut their stuff, the sight of an actor being utterly wasted when it comes to their part in a well-known feature is a depressingly all too familiar one.

In another life, these stars could have possibly stolen the show. But in this reality, they were ultimately cruelly wasted in famous flicks.

10. Djimon Hounsou - A Quiet Place Part II

Michelle Monaghan

For the most part, John Krasinski didn't disappoint when it came to his long-awaited Quiet Place sequel, with Part II largely ramping up the stressful tension and fleshing out the world that had been ravaged by the formidable sound-sensitive aliens. Yet, while the high-profile introduction of Cillian Murphy's Emmett was a largely pleasing one, the same could not be said for another famous face making their Quiet Place bow.

Upon being introduced as the leader of an island safe haven away from the terrifying creatures part-way through the feature, Djimon Hounsou's character seems as though they're set to play a major part in the remainder of the sequel. Before long, though, Hounsou - not even given an official character name - is viciously picked off by an alien who hitches a ride to the island on a rogue boat. And that's all she wrote.

There has admittedly been talk of a spin-off film which could focus on the Academy Award nominee's character and life before Part II. But if not, there's no escaping the fact that many will be left disappointed with the amount of Hounsou we ultimately got.


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