10 Actors Who Were Horribly Mismatched To Their Character Professions

Bullock According to a vague, nameless source who I might have just made up, the key to acting is in your ability to make an audience believe. If we don't believe that you're the character that you're pretending to be, Mr. Bigshot Hollywood Star, then you've already lost the battle, no matter how good the rest of the picture is. And a good actor should be able to convince their audience that he or she is able to play a whole variety of different characters, every one with unique personality traits, flaws, and, uh, sexual fetishes, I guess. So whereas actors like Gary Oldman and Daniel Day-Lewis have successfully convinced us that they are men from a huge variety of backgrounds or decades, often with crazy professions or physical deformities, there are some who haven't been quite so lucky - and you know what? It's not always their fault. A lot of cases, you've got to blame the casting director, whose poor judgement has led to some rather notable incidents where it was just impossible for us to believe that certain actors could be in the professions that a movie is telling us they're in. There's suspension of disbelief, and then there's insanity. Here's 10 actors who were horribly mismatched to their character professions...

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