10 Actors Who Were Paid Almost Nothing For Great Roles

Who knew Disney was so cheap?

Wolf Of Wall Street Jonah Hill

We're often led to believe that acting is all glitz and glamour, with posh movie premieres and eye-popping visual effects spectacles absolutely reeking of the kind of money that you must be earning if you appear in one of those big movies, right?

Wrong. There are so many factors at play when determining how much an actor should be paid, that some of the biggest movie stars of all time have walked away from some great projects with very little financial compensation to show for it.

It's not just the big names who are affected by this, either: the same can also be true for actors in supporting or cameo roles. But no matter the level of star power and no matter the size of the role, you might think that a big movie would equal a similarly massive paycheque. But that's not always the case.

Just because you're appearing in a massive franchise like Star Wars or Harry Potter or even if you're working with a respected director or studio, that doesn't automatically mean you're guaranteed to walk away with a tidy slice of the profits, whether you're a fresh-faced up-and-comer or a famous global star.

10. Jonah Hill - $60,000 (The Wolf Of Wall Street)

Wolf Of Wall Street Jonah Hill
Universal Pictures

Jonah Hill has had one of the most astonishing career transformations of all time. Going from "one of the funny kids" in Superbad to being an Oscar-nominated actor in the space of a few years is extremely impressive, and it's clear that he was always determined to become a serious dramatic actor.

In fact, he was so determined to become a serious dramatic actor that he even took a massive pay cut on The Wolf Of Wall Street, just so he could work with legendary director Martin Scorsese.

Instead of his normal seven-figure sum, Hill accepted a meagre - in comparison - $60,000 to play the wild and rambunctious Donnie Azoff. In comparison, Leonardo DiCaprio was paid $10 million for the same movie.

While $60,000 for half a year's work doesn't sound like "nothing", that's pocket change to Hill. It did pay off though, because not only did he work with Scorsese, but he also earned an Oscar nod (Best Supporting Actor) for his efforts.


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