10 Actors Who Will Definitely Ruin Upcoming Movies

7. Timothée Chalamet - Wonka

MARIO chris pratt
Warner Bros.

While there's a fair discussion to be had about whether we need a Willy Wonka musical prequel movie at all - even one helmed by Paddington filmmaker Paul King - casting Timothée Chalamet as a young Wonka is basically the most obvious and predictable thing Warner Bros. could've done.

Though Chalamet is an unquestionably talented actor that doesn't mean he's right for the role, and considering how iconic the character is that's no slight against him at all.

The first official image of Chalamet dressed as Wonka looks like an above-average cosplay, for sure, but it's less convincing that he'll be able to channel the energy and charm of a man who will eventually become Gene Wilder.

His casting certainly makes sense from a commercial perspective given Chalamet's wide appeal from young women through to older audiences, but it's difficult to see this as an actual inspired fit on purely creative terms.

It'd be great to be wrong, but it's smart to keep your expectations low for this one, no matter the talented cast and crew involved.


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