10 Actors Who Will Definitely Ruin Upcoming Movies

4. Kevin Spacey - Control

shazam zachary levi

The upcoming action-thriller Control actually sounds like it could be a lot of silly fun on paper - the British Home Secretary (Lauren Metcalfe) has her self-driving car remotely hijacked by a mysterious man, who sends her on a terrifying drive through the streets of London.

That's a rock solid B-movie plot right there, but immediately spoiling the fun is the recent announcement that the voice of the hijacker will be provided by none other than Kevin Spacey.

Spacey has of course been totally radioactive in Hollywood ever since sexual misconduct allegations were levelled against him in 2017, and has struggled to secure even minor work as various other allegations continue to be litigated.

While on one hand Spacey's undeniable talent may give a low-budget indie film greater visibility than it otherwise would have, it's at the expense of a major PR backlash, with many surely having no interest in the movie per Spacey's involvement.

Writer-director Gene Fallaize largely downplayed any concerns about working with Spacey, noting that the film presented "an opportunity to work with one of the acting greats" - a quote that's probably not going to endear anyone to the project.

Spacey could give the (vocal) performance of his life in this film, but his mere involvement will poison the well regardless.


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