10 Actors Who Will Ruin 2019 Films

Will Smith as the Genie? Nope.

Aladdin Will Smith

No matter how much you might try to ignore it, a single "off" performance in an otherwise decent movie can completely sink it and prevent you from revisiting it ever again.

An actor who doesn't gel with their co-stars, bristles with their director or simply doesn't deliver what's expected of them can hurt a promising film so, so much, distracting attention away from what the audience is actually supposed to be looking at.

With that in mind, these 10 actors certainly raise some red flags over their ability to slot into their respective ensembles, perhaps in turn proving sceptical fans right and justifying most of the pre-release hate.

In some cases we're still yet to catch a glimpse of what the performance - or even the movie - looks like, but from what we've seen and/or know so far, the evidence points to these performers potentially derailing their respective films for a multitude of reasons.

Fingers are crossed that each of them ends up surprising audiences, but it's definitely smarter to be pessimistic about these projects...

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