10 Actors Who Wouldn’t Talk To Each Other On Set

9. Lady Gaga Ignored Camille Cottin In A Very Lovely Way - House Of Gucci

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Pop-star-turned-acting-powerhouse Lady Gaga really went all in when it came time to bring real-life figure Patrizia Reggiani to life during Ridley Scott's crime biographical drama by the name of House of Gucci in 2021.

On top of staying in character as Patrizia throughout the shoot, donning her accent for a whopping nine-months(!), the actor also refused to talk to some of her co-stars whenever they were occupying a set together.

With the actors playing enemies on-screen during the events of the flick, Gaga was said to have told Paola Franchi actor Camille Cottin that they couldn't converse in-between takes.

Far from being offended by the leading lady's request, though, Cottin would explain that Gaga approached her ignoring of the actor on set in "a very lovely way", with Camille also noting how she has "a lot of admiration and respect" for the Oscar-winning artist.

Unfortunately for Gaga, though, all of the dedication in the world still couldn't secure her another Academy Awards nod for her highly committed work as the infamous Reggiani.


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