10 Actors With Upcoming Projects That Could Make Or Break Their Careers

10. Lin Manuel Miranda - His Dark Materials


The Project

The His Dark Materials TV series is an adaptation of the previously mentioned Phillip Pullman books that boasts episodes directed by Les Miserables' Tom Hooper and the adapting of the novels being bolstered by This is England's writer Jack Thorne.

The cast is filled out by the ludicrously talented James McAvoy, Ruth Wilson and Logan's Dafne Keen - that's without mentioning Lin Manuel Miranda, himself in the role of Lee Scoresby.

Why It's Make Or Break

Miranda's recent enterprises in the world of cinema have left a little much to be desired. It's not that they've been bad - his contribution to making Moana the Catchy Song Hit of 2016 and his turn as Mary Poppins' companion Jack, he puts in a decent and enjoyable performance - but none of these have been the smash hits that his brainchild, Hamilton, has been on the US Broadway scene.

The danger is that the fans that are rooting so hard for him to succeed will eventually lose interest in his on-screen career and the clock is ticking! He has the potential to make himself a megastar in the ilk of Gene Kelly but he needs a few showings that leave us walking away with him imprinted in our psyche.

Lee Scoresby, a skilled aeronaunt whose best friend is an alcoholic armoured Bear, offers him a role that requires gravitas and an ability to centre the story that is swirling around him. The guys also a bit of a mercenary who's a dab hand with a gun so here's hoping we see Miranda flex his combat skills, too.


Lifts rubber and metal. Watches people flip in spandex and pretends to be other individuals from time to time...