10 Actors You Didn't Know Have Retired

5. Matthew Fox

Emma Watson The Bling Ring

While Lost was very much a major ensemble piece, Matthew Fox was unquestionably one of the few true 'leads' of the opinion-splitting show.

Before Lost, of course, there was Party of Five, and the years after Fox landed the Jack Shephard role saw the actor star in offerings such as Speed Racer, Alex Cross and briefly World War Z (which the actor was mostly cut out of). Still, the last acting role on Matthew Fox's CV right now is 2015's impressive, yet utterly brutal Bone Tomahawk.

Once Lost wrapped up in 2010, Fox moved out into the sticks of rural Oregon. In the years since then, he's talked about how he's quite happy to spend the rest of his days out in Oregon, where one of his biggest passions is airplanes and flying his own personal plane.

To pour further fuel on Matthew Fox being completely done with acting, he's never been shy in admitting that he has at times absolutely hated the profession. Given the huge paydays that Lost offered up, you can maybe understand why the 54-year-old has minimal interest in ever taking another acting gig.

On top of this, however, controversy has dogged Fox at times. The early 2010s saw him accused of violence against women, particularly in 2012 when Lost co-star Dominic Monaghan publicly accused him of beating women "often".

Whatever the real reason, Fox seems to have given up the spotlight.

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