10 Actors You Didn't Know Own Famous Movie Props

DiCaprio owns THE Maltese Falcon!

The Maltese Falcon Humphrey Bogart Leonardo DiCaprio Inception
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As much as movies are made iconic by great actors speaking terrific dialogue as directed by talented filmmakers, there's no denying that a well-placed prop can become immediately iconic in of itself, elevating the entire film in the process.

Where would Indiana Jones be without his whip, or the Ghostbusters without their proton packs? Would Citizen Kane land with quite as much impact without that distinctive sled?

A skilled prop-master can either source or create the object that a given scene needs, adding a cherry on top of everything else that goes into it.

And sometimes, these props are awesome enough that they can fetch hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars from buyers, or even end up in the hands of celebrity fans - that is, other actors.

Then there are those performers who love the props in their own movies enough to either flat-out steal them or, more politely, ask permission before shoving them into their car.

Whatever the means, these 10 actors all own some of the most memorable and eye-opening movie props of all time...

10. Ben Stiller - Spock's Ears (Star Trek: The Motion Picture)

The Maltese Falcon Humphrey Bogart Leonardo DiCaprio Inception
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Of all the actors you'd expect to be a Trekkie, Ben Stiller probably isn't one of them, and yet, Stiller has outed himself in recent years as not just a Trekkie but an avid collector of Star Trek memorabilia.

In addition to owning the original Gorn head from the iconic Original Series episode "Arena" - which he bought at auction for $27,500 - Stiller owns not one but two pairs of Vulcan ears worn by late Spock actor Leonard Nimoy.

Stiller first bought a pair worn by Nimoy during TOS' second season and even featured them in his movie Tropic Thunder, as visible on Matthew McConaughey's character's desk.

According to Stiller, this caught the attention of Nimoy himself, who then sent Stiller an additional pair of ears, even signed by the actor, which he had worn while filming Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Stiller famously made a crack about owning Vulcan ears during his memorable presentation of the Best Makeup Oscar at the 2010 Academy Awards, but it was more than a mere throwaway joke - he truly owns one of the most coveted pieces of sci-fi memorabilia ever, direct from the source no less.


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