10 Actors You Didn't Realise Hated Each Other

8. Bill Paxton & Helen Hunt

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Twister stars Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt as a pair of on-the-brink-of-divorce storm-chasers whose romance is rekindled by the arrival of an F5 tornado.

Despite Paxton and Hunt's strong on-screen chemistry, numerous reports since the film's 1996 release have suggested that they didn't get along at all during shooting.

Things apparently got bad enough that when Universal was putting together a Twister-themed Universal Studios ride, Twister...Ride it Out, the duo only agreed to participate if their parts could be shot separately and stitched together through editing.

Granted, Twister was by most accounts a tricky shoot for all involved, and considering that both Paxton and Hunt reportedly received burnt retinas from the powerful artificial lights used on set, it probably wasn't the most organic environment to foster a sound working relationship.

Time did seem to mend things, though, as shortly before his death Paxton expressed enthusiasm to reunite with Hunt for a Twister sequel, which of course sadly never came to pass.

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