10 Actors You Had No Idea Produced Awesome Movies

Some actors just want to watch the world burn, so they pay for the CGI version of it.

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Making a movie is no small feat, and requires a plethora of people to bring it to life. One of those people is a producer. They provide the funding and can influence the direction the project takes.

Some producers are actors themselves, which isn't exactly new, and is actually quite common. Actors like Will Ferrell or Bradley Cooper enjoy having more control over the movies they appear in, and will often take on the producing and directing roles where possible. Other actors are in a different boat though - they want to produce a movie, but may not feel that they would fit into any of the roles. They simply want to see their passion project through to the end.

However, it's becoming commonplace to have movies produced by a company compiled of an entire board of individuals, rather than just one or two people. This can often lead to many names getting the credit of producer, some of which are quite peculiar.

Whatever the case may be, you might be surprised at some of the names behind some of your favorite movies.

10. Elizabeth Banks - Pitch Perfect

Eva longoria john wick
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The story of Elizabeth Banks and Pitch Perfect is a tale as old as time. The idea for the movie would come to her upon reading a book of the same name and lean on classic underdog tropes. Often, a producer may decide to appear in the movie they're producing. After all, they're writing a check that makes the movie possible. If they're not taking on a major role, it usually ends up being a simple cameo.

Once Pitch Perfect began production, Banks decided she was perfect for the role of commentator Gail Abernathy-McKadden, appearing late into the film during its climax.

Upon release the movie was a surprise hit, which in Hollywood can only mean one thing: a second was quickly decided upon. This time Banks would direct it and her character Gail would be given a little more screen time. A simple cameo turned into a mildly fleshed out character.

Fans of the franchise more than likely wouldn't be surprised to find out that Banks was the producer of the films once she took on the larger role of director, but with such a minor role in the first film you'd be forgiven if you had no idea.

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