10 Actors You Probably Forgot Were In Sci-Fi Movies

Sci-fi films are supposed to surprise audiences - but not like this.

Gene Simmons Runaway
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The world of science fiction cinema is full of surprises - that's kind of the point.

However, every now and then, the surprises extend beyond the central conceit of the plot and into the realm of casting.

Good casting can often be the difference between a good movie and a very bad one. Other factors play a part, of course, but a lot of flaws can be forgiven provided you have the right actor in the right role - just look at the Jurassic World franchise, for example.

It's not always simply a case of bad casting, though.

Sometimes, an actor pops up in a particular role that seems jarring and at odds with their previous screen persona. Sometimes these roles live long in the memory.

Other times, they are quickly forgotten about, discarded in some dark corner of the mind, only to later recall with horror/confusion.

While these surprise appearances are often associated with musicians who mistakenly have decided to dip their toe into the world of acting, they are far from being the only offenders in this particular area.

Comedians, voice actors and even wrestlers all fall into this particular category - here are just a few for starters.

10. Mick Jagger - Freejack (1992)

Gene Simmons Runaway
Warner Bros.

Mick Jagger knows how to command a stage. He’s been doing so as frontman of The Rolling Stones for over five decades.

In interviews and music videos over the years, Jagger has shown himself to be a charismatic and constantly engaging figure.

So quite what possessed director Geoff Murphy to cast him as a ruthless and battle-hardened mercenary in the cult sci-fi movie Freejack, is anyone’s guess.

Jagger plays Victor Vacendak, a gun-for-hire working for a faceless corporation which is, for reasons too convoluted to explain, attempting to apprehend Formula One racing star Alex Furlong (Emilio Estevez) so his mind can be replaced by that of a dead billionaire.

While the presence of Anthony Hopkins adds a little dramatic weight to proceedings, the sight of Jagger attempting to look tough and deadly serious at every turn is jarring to say the least.

It remains Mick’s first and so far only foray into the world of sci-fi storytelling.


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