10 Actors You Won’t Believe Don’t Have Oscars

And the Oscar doesn’t go to...

Spectre Ralph Feinnes
Columbia Pictures/MGM

The Oscars are the benchmark for film success and justified or not, we tend to use them to quantify things like how good an actor is. So even if actors aren€™t doing the job so they can win trophies, it€™s nevertheless one of the easiest measuring sticks for us to weigh their successes against one another.

So when a prestigious actor keeps putting out good work that isn€™t garnering them that ultimate prize, it doesn€™t go unnoticed. For a variety of reasons, there€™s a laundry list of amazing actors who have never had their name called for an Oscar. Whether it€™s because they haven€™t found that perfect Oscar-worthy part to play yet or simply act in movies that aren€™t the Academy€™s taste, we still recognize them as good actors.

Naturally, if everyone won, the award would mean nothing. All the same, it€™s hard to sit by and watch these performers keep getting passed over for that ultimate acknowledgement of their careers.

Now that Leonardo DiCaprio has finally won his Oscar, it€™s time for some other overdue actors to claim one. These actors should have won one already, but there still might be Oscar gold in the future for many of them.


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