10 Already Released 2015 Horror Films You Should Watch This Halloween

There are benefits to staying home on the spookiest night of the year.

Alongside the pumpkin-shaped buckets of candy and supermarkets full of masks and fake blood, the month of October is usually a marquee period for horror movies in multiplexes. In recent years, we've had the likes of The Babadook and dark fantasy Horns making a trip to the cinema a great way to spend the creepiest evening of the year. However, the Halloween release calendar this year in the UK is rather sparse. Ethan Hawke and Emma Watson's middling dark thriller Regression is currently playing and there's yet another Paranormal Activity movie on the way promising the exact same manufactured jump scares as always. The only film with real scare potential this month did appear to be Guillermo del Toro's Crimson Peak, but even that is failing miserably with critics. It's making for slim pickings. Halloween is thankfully, though, no longer the sole preserve of the multiplex horror film. 2015's release calendar has been littered with horror movies, both in terms of blockbuster spook franchises and less prominent indie treats. Instead of venturing out to see something at the multiplex this Halloween, it might be better to grab a DVD and check out some of 2015's other horror film treats.

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