10 Alternate Endings To 2018 Movies You Almost Saw

9. A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born Lady Gaga
Warner Bros.

The Ending We Got

In the heart-breaking ending to Bradley Cooper's take on A Star Is Born, as Lady Gaga's Ally becomes more successful, Cooper's Jack spirals more towards ruin, eventually leading to pronounced alcohol abuse and a stint in rehab. Ally cancels her tour to look after him, but after her manager accuses him of holding her back, Jack hangs himself in their garage.

It's unbelievably tough going to watch.

The Ending We Almost Saw

There were multiple endings written at various stages, though each would end with Jack killing himself as each adaptation of the story has.

Warner Bros boss Toby Emmerich revealed the alternate versions to Variety:

“The first ending that I read, [Jackson] actually swims out into the ocean, where he commits suicide. The script that we had when he started shooting, he rides his motorcycle. It was more like the Kris Kristofferson ending [in the 1976 version] with the Ferrari, but with Jackson with the Harley. But Bradley changed his mind and came to see me and pitched the idea of what he ended up shooting. I think he was right. When I watch the movie now, I can’t imagine it ending any other way.”
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